The Values of Existence 

What are values? We hear the word so often you’d expect everyone to understand it. But few do. The problem is that most values are simply inherited from culture, religion, politics or family. So, values become those things that other people expect you to do.

Values must be Chosen rather than Given. Values are the foundation of purpose; if you haven’t chosen or have poorly defined your values, then your values are likely crafted by someone other than you. It shouldn’t surprise you that such values are not very motivating.

Values serve two primary purposes: 1) to provide a roadmap for us and 2) to signal to our community whether or not we are a member of the Tribe, and can therefore be trusted. The degree to which your Tribe members understand your values, the better they can trust you.

This video presents the Chosen Individual Values of The Order of The Unknown.

“Modernity: we created youth without heroism, age without wisdom, and life without grandeur” — Nicholas Nassim Taleb

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Ch 1: Introduction

Ch 2: Building Values

Ch 3: Values of Foundation

Ch 4: Self Awareness

Ch 5: Values of Self

Ch 6: Value of Identity

Ch 7: Value of Authority

Ch 8: Value of Equality

Ch 9: Value of Others

Ch 10: Value of Evil

Ch 11: Value of Being

Ch 12: Value of We