How To Build a Tribe

TRIBEING: A Modern Philosophy of Tribalism

You Have Two Fundamental Needs: Being & Belonging.

Being and Belonging are ways of focusing on Self or Tribe.

Since the Enlightenment, we’ve overemphasized “Self” and underemphasized “Tribe.” We’ve been taught that Tribe is bad. But again, we have both a need to Be and a need to Belong.

You can’t eliminate one or the other without severe damage. And today, we can plainly see that trying to live without Belonging has done terrible harm to many people and communities.

How To Navigate Portals & Verses

A Map of The Story of Existence

The Story of Existence is organized around 10 MultiVerses.

A Verse is a State of Being that influences who you are and how you exist.

A ‘Me’ may inhabit either one or many different verses at the same time. We use portals to travel through the different verses. There are Given Verses and Chosen Verses. Verses which emerge and verses which transcend. This is a guide map through The Story of Existence.

Chapter One: The PreVerse: A Modern Creation Story

How we came to be, rooted in modern understanding. Crafted for those unwilling to leave reason & experience at the door.

Why? Many who’ve left traditional communities no longer share a common story. Without this, we struggle to build shared values.

We excised our myths and replaced them with too-weak alternatives. Here we plant a flag. Here we say “this I believe.”

“[Homo Sapiens] can weave common myths such as the biblical creation story, the Dreamtime myths of aboriginal Australia, and the Nationalist myths of modern states. Such myths give sapiens the unprecedented ability to cooperate flexibly in large numbers.” —Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens

1st Verse: PreVerse

2nd Verse: MeVerse

3rd Verse: iVerse

4th Verse: RelaVerse

5th Verse: PowerVerse

6th Verse: TheeVerse

7th Verse: UnIVerse

8th Verse: LieVerse

9th Verse: BeVerse

10th Verse: WeVerse