After the Beginning…

A Short Introduction to The Story of Existence…

After the beginning, of time & place, humans observed the world. The Earth & The Heavens. They noticed patterns. Patterns became stories. Stories became foundations. Foundations became launchpads, into the future. Into the Unknown.

When humans left earth and entered the heavens, the old stories lost much of their power. We thought we could live without story and ritual. We thought we could live without Tribe.

We were wrong.

Start Here: Introduction

Preface: The Narrative Structure

Chapter One: The PreVerse: A Modern Creation Story

How we came to be, rooted in modern understanding. Crafted for those unwilling to leave reason & experience at the door.

Why? Many who’ve left traditional communities no longer share a common story. Without this, we struggle to build shared values.

We excised our myths and replaced them with too-weak alternatives. Here we plant a flag. Here we say “this I believe.”

“[Homo Sapiens] can weave common myths such as the biblical creation story, the Dreamtime myths of aboriginal Australia, and the Nationalist myths of modern states. Such myths give sapiens the unprecedented ability to cooperate flexibly in large numbers.” —Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens

Ch 1: The PreVerse

Ch 2: The MeVerse

Ch 3: The iVerse

Ch 4: Forms of Governance

Ch 5: The TheeVerse

Ch 6: The UnIVerse

Ch 6 Pt 2: UnIVerse Governance

Ch 6 Pt 3: UnIVerse Economics

Ch 7: The LieVerse

Ch 8: The BeVerse

Ch 8 Pt 2: Know Yourself

Ch 8 Pt 3: Know Others

Ch 8 Pt 4: Faith in Change

Ch 8 Pt 5: Choose Yourself

Ch 9: The WeVerse